Dura Hygiene Shower Chair

Original price was: R3000,00.Current price is: R1699,00.

Shower and Bath Seat with Storage

Original price was: R1800,00.Current price is: R999,00.

Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Shower Chair

Original price was: R5000,00.Current price is: R2499,00.

DuoMotion Shower Commode with Wheels

Original price was: R20000,00.Current price is: R12999,00.

Secure and Independent Bathing with Mr Mobility’s Shower Aids

Welcome to Mr Mobility, where we offer a range of shower aids designed to ensure safety, comfort, and independence in your bathroom. Recognizing the need for secure and accessible bathing solutions, our selection caters to various requirements.

Enhance Bathroom Safety with Our Shower Aids

Our shower products are vital for a safe and comfortable bathing experience. We offer products like the Shower and Bath Seat with Storage for convenience and the Dura Hygiene Shower Chair for enhanced sanitation.

Versatile Solutions for Every Need

Understanding the diverse needs in bathroom safety, Mr Mobility provides a variety of shower assistance products. Our range includes the Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Shower Chair for robust support and the Dura Shower Chair with Backrest, combining comfort with stability.

Prioritizing Safety, Comfort, and Hygiene

Safety and ease of use are key in our shower devices. Each product is built with durable materials and designed for comfortable, hygienic use, ensuring a secure and stress-free bathing experience.

Durable, Hygienic, and Accessible

Our shower aids are not only strong and reliable but also easy to clean and maintain. This focus on hygiene complements their sturdy construction, providing long-lasting and dependable bathroom solutions.

Expert Advice for the Best Fit

Choosing the right shower safety product can be challenging. Our team at Mr Mobility is here to assist, ensuring you find the most suitable shower aid to match your individual needs and preferences.

Explore Our Range of Shower Aids

Discover our selection of shower aids today and take a step towards a safer, more comfortable bathing experience. With Mr Mobility, enjoy the confidence and independence that comes with the right bathroom solutions.