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A-Grade Medical Sheepskin

Original price was: R2000,00.Current price is: R1399,00.

M4 – Alternating Pressure Bubble Pad Mattress Overlay

Original price was: R4000,00.Current price is: R1999,00.

3 Crank Manual Hospital Bed

Original price was: R22000,00.Current price is: R14999,00.

M6 Alternating Pressure Ripple Mattress

Original price was: R10000,00.Current price is: R4999,00.

Funke Hyper Foam Plus Anti-Bedsore Mattress

Original price was: R8000,00.Current price is: R5999,00.

K4 Adjustable Electric Home Care Bed with Backup Battery

Original price was: R40000,00.Current price is: R23999,00.

Avante Short Side Rail Kit for Smartflex 2 & 3

Original price was: R3000,00.Current price is: R1499,00.