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Discover Freedom: Picking Your Ideal Wheelchair

Choosing the right mobility solution that matches your lifestyle should be a simple decision. Whether you need a lightweight travel model or a robust, outdoor-friendly, self-propelled option, we’re here to guide you through our high-quality selection. Each one is designed to enhance your independence and meet your unique needs.

Manual Wheelchairs: Easy and Economical

Manual units, free from batteries or motors, stand as a cost-effective choice that doesn’t limit your freedom of movement. Their compact and easy-to-store design makes them perfect companions for trips or holidays.

Travel Wheelchairs

In this category, you’ll discover models designed specifically for short trips. We also offer variants with larger back wheels for easier attendant-led travel, known as transit models.

Self-propelled Wheelchairs

For those who prefer autonomy, we have self-propelled options as well.

Electric Wheelchairs: Go Further

Our powerful electric models offer effortless control with a simple joystick, thus providing you the freedom to move without strain and venture further.

Kids Wheelchairs: Designed for the Young

We also offer mobility solutions tailored specifically for our younger users. These options are adjustable, comfortable, and available in vibrant colours.