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Cirrus Electric Power Wheelchair

Original price was: R36000,00.Current price is: R22999,00.

Explorer Elite Electric Wheelchair

Original price was: R48000,00.Current price is: R28999,00.

Explorer Lite Electric wheelchair

Original price was: R39000,00.Current price is: R22999,00.

KD Smart Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair

Original price was: R59000,00.Current price is: R39999,00.

KD Smart Special Edition Electric Wheelchair

Original price was: R62000,00.Current price is: R42999,00.

KD Smart Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

Original price was: R60000,00.Current price is: R40999,00.

Welcome to Mr Mobility’s Electric Wheelchair Range

Welcome to Mr Mobility, where we merge freedom, comfort, and innovation in our select range of electric wheelchairs. We recognise mobility as a key to independence and thus offer various power wheelchairs to enhance your lifestyle and fulfill your unique needs.

Embracing Electric Wheelchairs for Enhanced Mobility

Electric wheelchairs mark a significant step forward in mobility solutions. They allow easy movement without the need for upper body strength or an assistant. Ideally suited for those valuing independence, these wheelchairs seamlessly combine convenience with cutting-edge technology, ensuring you navigate your daily life with confidence and ease.

Customized to Fit Your Life

At Mr Mobility, we acknowledge that everyone’s mobility needs are distinct. Therefore, our powered wheelchairs are designed for reliable manoeuvrability, whether you’re at home or out and about. Furthermore, the range is versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring your mobility needs are always supported.

Prioritizing Comfort and Innovation

In our electric wheelchairs, your comfort is paramount. Each model boasts ergonomic seating and adjustable features to provide utmost support and comfort. Additionally, their user-friendly controls make them straightforward to operate, even for first-time users.

Compact Solutions for Easy Mobility

Concerned about storage and portability? Our range includes space-saving, foldable electric wheelchairs. These models are ideal for active lifestyles, offering easy storage and transportation without compromising on functionality.

Our Dedication to Safety and Reliability

Safety is a cornerstone in our selection of power wheelchairs. Each wheelchair integrates durable materials and advanced safety features, reflecting our commitment to your safety and well-being.

Your Mobility Partners

At Mr Mobility, we view ourselves as more than just a provider; we are your partners in mobility. Our team of experts is always on hand to assist you in finding the ideal wheelchair that aligns with your lifestyle and mobility aspirations.

Explore Our Electric Wheelchair Collection Today

Dive into our diverse range of electric wheelchairs and discover the freedom of mobility tailored specifically for you. With Mr Mobility, a more accessible and independent life is just a button push away.