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Standalone Toilet Safety Frame & Rail – Easy Install Support Aid

Original price was: R1350,00.Current price is: R999,00.

Dura Hygiene Shower Chair

Original price was: R3000,00.Current price is: R1699,00.

Adjustable Drop Arm Commode with Wheels

Original price was: R2700,00.Current price is: R1799,00.

Shower and Bath Seat with Storage

Original price was: R1800,00.Current price is: R999,00.

Dura Shower Chair

Original price was: R2600,00.Current price is: R1299,00.

Adjustable 3in1 Commode Chair

Original price was: R2300,00.Current price is: R1299,00.

Multi-Grip Bath Grab Rail

Original price was: R2000,00.Current price is: R999,00.

Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Shower Chair

Original price was: R5000,00.Current price is: R2499,00.

Adjustable Drop Arm Commode

Original price was: R2500,00.Current price is: R1499,00.

Tool-free Transfer Bench

Original price was: R3500,00.Current price is: R1999,00.

Drive Medical Stackable Bath Step

Original price was: R1200,00.Current price is: R899,00.

Rediscover Independence with Our Top-Quality Bathroom Aids

Are mobility challenges affecting your personal hygiene routines? Don’t worry. At Mr. Mobility, we have the perfect solution for you. Our range of suitable aids is specifically designed to help you regain independence and ensure privacy in your bathroom. Understanding the hurdles that reduced mobility can pose, we offer a diverse selection of bathroom aids. These innovative products aim to transform your bathroom into a safe and comfortable space.

Effortlessly Transform Your Bathroom with Affordable and Easy-to-use Solutions

With Mr. Mobility, you’ll find that enhancing your bathroom safety doesn’t require expensive remodeling or complex installations. Instead, we bring you practical and cost-effective solutions. Our thoughtfully designed range is all about reducing the risk of slips and falls, and making your bathroom more accessible. From non-slip mats and easy-to-install grab rails to supportive shower stools and bath lifts, we have a product for every need. All our offerings aim to guide you through your bathroom with increased confidence and ease.

Revitalize Your Showers with Our Tailored Shower Aids

Indeed, a refreshing shower can do wonders for your day. Our Shower Aids are here to make that a safe and enjoyable experience for you. Designed to provide the necessary stability and support, these aids can make fear of slips and falls a thing of the past. Among our range, you will find adjustable shower chairs and stools, giving you the flexibility to tailor the setup to your needs.

Relaxing Baths Made Possible with Our Bath Aids

Taking a peaceful bath is a simple pleasure, and we believe you should enjoy it without worries. Our Bath Aids can help you do just that. We offer secure and user-friendly bath lifts for a controlled bathing experience, as well as comfortable bath seats for those who prefer a seated bath. With these aids, you can ensure safety while rediscovering the joy of a tranquil bath.

Promote Dignity and Comfort with Our Toilet Aids

At Mr. Mobility, we understand that using the toilet should never be a challenge to your dignity or independence. That’s why we offer a range of Toilet Aids. From raised toilet seats and portable commodes to sturdy grab rails, our aids are designed to ease the process, boosting both safety and comfort.

Confidently Navigate Your Bathroom with Ease

Navigating the bathroom shouldn’t be a daily challenge. That’s why our goal at Mr. Mobility is to streamline your routine, ensuring safety and dignity. Specifically designed to assist the elderly and those living with disabilities, our range of bathroom aids simplifies personal hygiene tasks. With Mr. Mobility’s bathroom aids, embrace the freedom and independence you deserve today!