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Alternating Pressure Care Mattresses at Mr Mobility

Choose the Right Mattress for Effective Pressure Management

Discover our range of Alternating Pressure Care solutions at Mr Mobility. Each product is designed for comfort and effective pressure management:

  1. M4 – Alternating Pressure Bubble Pad Mattress Overlay
    Add pressure relief to existing mattresses with this budget-friendly overlay. It prevents and manages bedsores effectively, up to stage 1.
  2. M6 Alternating Pressure Ripple Mattress
    Affordable and reliable, this mattress is ideal for moderate risk cases. It cares for Pressure Ulcers up to stage 2.
  3. M8 Alternating Pressure Care Ripple Mattress
    This advanced mattress balances pressure management and comfort. Perfect for users at medium to high risk of pressure ulcers, up to stage III.
  4. M10 Advanced Alternating Pressure Care Mattress
    Our most advanced and only complete mattress replacement system, this mattress excels in treating all stages of pressure ulcers, including stage IV. Suitable for High risk users.

Making a Considered Choice

Choose a mattress that balances your care needs with practicality. We recommend a model one step higher for better pressure relief and bedsore prevention. However, we understand budget constraints. Our range meets diverse needs and budgets, allowing you to find a supportive solution that fits both your care requirements and financial situation.