Shower and Bath Seat with Storage

Original price was: R1800,00.Current price is: R999,00.

Dura Shower Chair

Original price was: R2600,00.Current price is: R1299,00.

Multi-Grip Bath Grab Rail

Original price was: R2000,00.Current price is: R999,00.

Tool-free Transfer Bench

Original price was: R3500,00.Current price is: R1999,00.

Drive Medical Stackable Bath Step

Original price was: R1200,00.Current price is: R899,00.

BellaVita Reclining Bath Lift with Pads

Original price was: R20000,00.Current price is: R12999,00.

Bathtub Swivel Seat BES 120

Original price was: R7000,00.Current price is: R3999,00.

Elevate Bathroom Safety with Mr Mobility’s Bath Aids

Welcome to Mr Mobility, where we specialize in innovative bath aids that enhance safety, comfort, and independence in the bathroom. Our carefully selected range meets various needs, ensuring a secure and comfortable bathing experience for everyone.

Safe and Practical Bathing Solutions

Our products, like the versatile Shower and Bath Seat with Storage, offer practical safety and convenience. This unique item ingeniously combines ample storage space with the stability necessary for safe showering and bathing.

A Diverse Range for Unique Needs

Understanding that each individual has different requirements, Mr Mobility offers a variety of bath aids. Our Tool-free Transfer Bench, for instance, provides easy setup and adaptable use, offering a secure and flexible bathing solution. The Dura Shower Chair, on the other hand, is known for its robust support and durability, ensuring comfortable and safe bathing.

Safety, Comfort, and Hygiene in Focus

We prioritize safety in all our products, crafting them with sturdy materials for maximum comfort and hygiene. This commitment guarantees a secure and stress-free experience for all users.

Expert Guidance for Optimal Choice

Choosing the right bath safety product can be overwhelming. Our experienced team at Mr Mobility is always ready to assist, helping you find the best product that aligns with your needs, thus enhancing your bathroom safety and comfort.

Committed to Quality and Dependability

At Mr Mobility, we are committed to providing high-quality bath aids that you can depend on. Whether it’s aiding mobility or providing extra stability, our products are designed with your well-being in mind.

Discover Our Bath Aids Collection

Explore our range of bath aids today and step into a safer, more comfortable bathing experience. Trust Mr Mobility to offer bath aids that not only ensure security but also foster independence and dignity.