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Milano Riser Recliner by Dr Mobility in lifted up position
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Milano Riser Recliner by Dr Mobility | Dual Motor with Massage and Heating

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White recliner chair with adjustable over table attached
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Adjustable Recliner Chair Side Table

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Milano Rise Recliner Back-Up Battery

Original price was: R3500,00.Current price is: R2199,00.

Choosing Your Perfect Rise Recliner

Navigating the world of rise recliners is both an exciting and essential journey. As you sift through our diverse range, keep these crucial aspects in mind:

Motors & Adjustments: Understanding Your Options

From single-motor recliners offering streamlined simplicity to 4-motor versions epitomizing personalization, the choice impacts your chair’s flexibility.

Fabric Choices: Where Comfort Meets Aesthetics

The fabric plays a pivotal role in style and comfort. Whether you lean towards the timeless appeal of leather or the soft embrace of plush fabrics, we’ve got you covered.

Advanced Features: For Those Seeking the Extraordinary

Why merely sit when you can indulge? Experience relaxation on another level with features like vibration massage and built-in heating pads.

Essential Accessories: Enhancing Your Recliner Experience

Your comfort doesn’t stop at the recliner. Browse through our range of accessories designed to complement your experience. One of our bestsellers, the recliner table, seamlessly attaches to your chair, offering a convenient space for your belongings, snacks, or reading material. This table not only adds functionality but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your seating area. Explore more accessories to refine your relaxation space.

In Conclusion

Selecting the right Rise Recliner is a blend of understanding your comfort needs, aesthetic desires, and the added conveniences from our range of accessories. Visit our showrooms to experience the features firsthand. Dive deep into our seating buyer’s guide and make an informed choice. Embrace relaxation with our Rise Recliners and accessories!