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4 Benefits of a Hospital Bed – Plus How to Get One

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Are you or your loved one struggling to find a bed that offers the adaptability, support, and comfort that you need? Sometimes, sleeping in a normal bed isn’t the best option for your health. Many people with disabilities, who are ageing, or have recently had surgery, need the addition of a hospital bed in their home to help them feel more comfortable or assist a loved one or carer to care sufficiently for another person.

For many people, the investment of a hospital bed can make a difference between being able to stay in the comfort of their own home. The other option is having to go into a speciality care facility. Not only is staying in your own home a lot more comfortable, but it’s also a lot more affordable.

Are you wondering how to go about purchasing the best hospital bed? We’re here to break down the top benefits of investing in a hospital bed to keep in your own home, as well as how to go about shopping for one. Keep reading to get a better understanding of all the relevant information that you need to know!

What Is a Hospital Bed?

Many people refer to hospital beds as a profiling bed. However, keep in mind that these terms mean the same thing.

A hospital bed differs from a regular type of bed because it has a leg section and an entirely adjustable head section. By offering adjustable head area and a leg area, it makes it easier for individuals with limited mobility to get in and out of bed. Plus, it also makes it easier for people who are caring for individuals with mobility issues to take care of certain tasks for the individual.

In the majority of instances, the base of a hospital bed is made from wood. An electric control or a motorized control can be used to operate, and adjust the height.

When you’re shopping around for a hospital bed, there will be many features that you’ll be presented with that you’ll need to consider.

What Are the Different Types of Hospital Beds?

As you’re beginning to shop around for hospital beds, you’ll come to realize that there are several different types of beds that you can invest in. However, this is a good thing. This is because it allows individuals who have to sleep in the bed of a sense of freedom to choose the best type of bed for their individual needs.

Developing an understanding of different types of hospital beds available in the market will help to give you insight into what type of bed will work best for your health.

Low Profile Hospital Beds

Low profile hospital beds are a great investment to make it if your loved one is prone to accidents or falling.

By investing in a low profile hospital bed, the risk of the person you’re caring for falling out of bed and becoming injured will become significantly reduced. Also, it will greatly reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring while they’re getting into bed.

Low profile hospital beds have the same type of features as other types of hospital beds. However, some low profile hospital beds can be taken as low as one inch off of the ground.

Plus, low profile hospital beds are a great choice to make for individuals that need to increase the level of postural support. Low profile hospital beds are also a great choice to make for individuals that struggle to get into a higher elevated bed, either because of joint issues or because of weakness.

Also, many caregivers find it easier to assist individuals and their care when they’re able to control the height of the bed due to the manual or electric motor.

The biggest downside to low profile hospital beds is their cost. Many low profile models will be much more expensive than other types of hospital beds available, so you may have to look into financing if you do decide that this is the best option.

Manual Hospital Beds

Manual hospital beds are an affordable option on the market. You can find some models of manual options for under 16,000 rands.

Manual hospital beds don’t use a motorized or electric control. This is why they are so much more affordable.

Instead, they use a hand crank to adjust the height of the bed. Different cranks will adjust different sections of the bed.

The caregiver responsible for taking care of yourself will have to put out a certain amount of stamina and physical strength to adjust the bed. You may want to look into a different type of hospital bed, depending on certain circumstances.

If your caregiver isn’t someone who has a lot of upper strength, you should look into a different type of bed. Another reason why you may want to consider a different is if they already struggle with maintaining stamina throughout the day.

Electric Hospital Bed

There are two types of options that you’ll run into and shopping for an electric hospital bed. These options include a semi-electric and fully electric hospital beds.

A fully electric bed is a type of hospital bed that is controlled by an electronic system, powered by motors. This type of bed is ideal for people who only have a part-time caregiver or live full-time by themselves. Fully electric beds are also a great option for people that have caregivers that don’t have a lot of strength and find a manual that’s too difficult to operate.

In fully electric hospital beds, everything on the bed is operated with remote control. This means that you’ll be able to adjust the overall height of the bed, the height of the foot of the bed, and the height of the head of the bed. They may also have a tilting function.

One of the biggest advantages that come with investing in some electric hospital beds is that you can lock the remote control (though this isn’t available on every model). This is beneficial because it will stop an individual in your care from accidentally altering the height or adjustments on the bed. In turn, this will greatly reduce the likelihood of an injury or an accident from occurring.

Another huge advantage of these beds is that some may come with a backup battery. That means that if the power fails, the bed will continue to operate for a period of time, which can be critical for those who don’t always have a carer around.

Bariatric Bed

For individuals that are in bed because of their weight, they will need to lay in a bariatric bed. This is because a bariatric bed will provide more support for the individual that has a larger amount of weight on their body.

Plus, bariatric beds have a stronger and sturdier frame to ensure that they offer support and safety to bariatric patients. Thankfully, many of the bariatric beds on the market nowadays are wide enough and large enough to support larger patients, but they also provide enough space and support where a patient would need it.

Bariatric hospital beds are ideal to use for patients who weigh 180 kilograms or more. Due to the reinforced support of a bariatric bed, these beds are designed with comfort, as well as stability, in mind.

However, not all bariatric beds are used for morbidly obese patients. Sometimes, a bariatric bed is necessary for when a patient needs to have a therapist on the bed with them.

You’ll need to choose a bariatric bed based on the total weight capacity required. This will depend on how much the patient weights.

Bariatric beds still have the same adjustable foot, and head sections, such as other types of hospital beds do. While bariatric beds are more durable and sturdy, this comes at an additional cost.

It would help if you also were mindful of where you’re going to place the bed in your home. This is because of the wider size of the frame for bariatric beds.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in the Hospital Bed?

Are you recovering from an injury, illness, or you have a chronic health condition? Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things that you can do to improve your health.

However, it can be tricky to get a good night’s rest when you have a bed that is difficult to get in or out of. Whether you’re suffering from a mobility issue, are caring for an elderly person, or you’re recently recovering from surgery, investing in a hospital bed can greatly improve your comfort and how well you’re sleeping.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that you can get from investing in a hospital bed:

1. Better Night’s Rest

By investing in a hospital bed, you will have a bed that’s better suited for your specific health or mobility issue. This is because hospital beds can be adjusted to help you get more comfortable and find the best sleeping position for your comfort and well-being.

Plus, a hospital bed it’s a lot easier to get in and out of because you can adjust the height of it.

2. Makes It Easier for Caregivers

A hospital bed can be adjusted easily. This is because you can raise or lower them, making it easier for an individual to get out of bed. However, this height adjustment can also make it easier for caregivers to manoeuvre around the bed.

Your caregiver won’t have to get in as many uncomfortable or awkward positions to perform basic tasks. They’ll also have an easier time helping you get situated in bed, reducing the risk of injury for your caregiver.

3. Stay at Home

You may enjoy staying at home because your friends and family can surround you. Or you want to stay home to save money. However, you won’t have to go into a specialized care facility to receive the treatment that you need.

A hospital bed allows you to stay at home and remain comfortable, even if you have mobility or health problems.

4. Increased Level of Safety

One of the main concepts that is focused on hospital beds when they’re being built is safety. The side rails can be adjusted to prevent the person you’re caring for falling out of bed as they’re tossing and turning at night. Plus, these same rails can sometimes be grabbed onto to assist the individual as they’re getting in and out of bed.

In this case, however, it’s important to check the specs of the rails. They may only be able to support some of a person’s weight.

If you’re shopping for a hospital bed for yourself, you can also use these handrails to adjust yourself in the middle of the night. This means that you’ll have an increased level of independence!

Finding the Best Hospital Bed

A hospital bed is a great investment to make for yourself, as it gives you the ability to stay in the comfort of your own home. Without investing in a hospital bed, you may have to stay at an expensive specialized care facility without being surrounded by your loved ones.

Investing in a hospital bed can be a very complex task. Especially because of all of the different customised options for the different types on the market. However, we hope that this guide has helped you to gather a better understanding of all of the options available to you before you commit to a purchase.

Are you interested in shopping for a hospital bed that’s the perfect fit for your loved one’s specialized needs? We’re here to make the search a lot less stressful. Click here to check out our available inventory of hospital beds!

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