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9 Benefits of Adjustable Beds and How to Choose One

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Did you know that more than 27% of the population world’s population struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep every night?

Sleeping on an adjustable bed can help improve the quality of sleep you’re getting. Adjustable beds aren’t confined to hospital rooms any longer. Instead, you can find adjustable beds across the world in bedrooms.

Investing in an adjustable bed will change your entire sleeping experience by making you feel more comfortable. There’s a large selection of adjustable beds available on the market.

Choosing the right type of adjustable bed for your needs and preferences can be tricky, which is why we’re here to help.

Are you interested in learning everything you need to know to choose the right type of adjustable bed for yourself? We’re here to share with you all of the key details that’ll make your search for the best adjustable bed easier. Keep reading to learn more!

What Are the Benefits of Adjustable Beds?

As you may already know, sleeping in an adjustable bed can improve the quality of sleep that you’re getting- but that’s not all that adjustable beds have to offer. Let’s take a closer look at the top benefits that adjustable beds will bring to your bedroom:

1. Reduce Back Pain

An adjustable mattress will provide your spine with a supportive surface to sleep on. This will help alleviate pressure located around the sciatic nerve by positioning the base at the foot and the bed’s head sections.

By investing in an adjustable mattress, the mattress’s surface will contour as closely to the body as possible. Chronic back pain, sciatica, and neck strain will be relieved as a result of the reduction in the restriction of nerves around the spine.

Also, a slightly slanted head will help to relieve compression that’s located in the lower back. The head angling will help prevent migraines, neck pain, and headaches by providing a supportive platform that reduces the need to sleep on several layers of pillows.

2. Heartburn Alleviation

Does your work schedule cause you to go to bed soon after you finish eating dinner?

Some people avoid going to bed on a full stomach. If you go to bed on a full stomach, you may suffer from heartburn or acid reflux.

Lying flat on a mattress will cause stomach acid to move into your throat. You may to experience uncomfortable symptoms such as heartburn or acid reflux.

Keeping your head elevated at the recommended height will help to greatly reduce the symptoms of acid reflux or heartburn that you’re experiencing. This is because it will make it difficult for the acid in your stomach to creep up into your throat.

Plus, this also greatly helps improve the digestive process. Some people even notice a difference in their digestive health when sleeping on an adjustable bed.

3. Reduce Snoring and Sleep Apnea Conditions

Do you have a loved one that struggles with sleep apnea or snoring?

Snoring is more likely to occur when a person is laying down flat. When the body is put in a position where there’s extra weight located on the windpipe, the windpipe closes and creates the sound that we refer to as ‘snoring’.

An adjustable bed causes gravity and the weight to be taken off of the windpipe. As a result, this will decrease the likelihood of a snoring problem to develop. Also, there will be an improvement made to the quality of sleep that a person is getting.

Similar to snoring, sleep apnea is another type of breathing problem. Raising the height of the head into an angled position will greatly improve the airflow. Also, there will also be a reduction in obstruction located by the nasal passage.

Adjustable beds can help people who struggle with sleep apnea to get healthier sleep without depending on a machine to help them breathe through the night. People who struggle with sinus pressure may also find some relief in their struggle to fall asleep because of their head’s angle on an angled mattress.

4. Improve Digestive Health

As mentioned above, sleeping on an adjustable mattress will help your body improve digestion. The mattress will help keep your head elevated, making it difficult for stomach acid to creep its way up into your throat.

Several studies have found a lying flat after you have finished eating makes it difficult for your body to process food. By keeping the stomach acid in your stomach, and not in your throat, your body will be able to break down food easier. To also make it easier for your body to absorb the nutrition you are receiving from your eating foods.

5. Decrease Sleepless Nights

Whether you’re finding that your insomnia is caused by pain, an adjustable bed offers a large variety of comfortable choices to improve your sleeping experience. Finding the perfect sleeping position may change every night for you, which is why an adjustable bed is the mattress option for you.

Finding a perfectly comfortable position every night can help with two improve the circulation of oxygen throughout your body, making it easier for you to fall asleep faster.

6. Reduce Leg Swelling

Whether you’re pregnant, struggling with a circulation problem, or affected by another illness that is impacting your swelling, an adjustable mattress will make a huge difference in the swelling throughout your body.

When you’re lying flat on your back or your stomach, it allows for the collection of fluids to pool around your lower extremities. With an increase in inflammation, it can lead to an increase in the severity of pain that you’re experiencing.

An adjustable mattress will allow you to elevate your legs into a comfortable position. You will quickly fall asleep because of the decrease in swelling in your lower extremities.

7. Encourage Independence

Adjustable beds aren’t only a significant investment to make if you have a chronic health condition. They’re great to encourage independence in individuals that are ill, elderly, or disabled. If you or a loved one is struggling with mobility, an adjustable bed can greatly further independence.

An adjustable bed can be raised and lowered to make it easier for somebody that would normally require assistance to get in and out of bed by themselves.

8. Improve Circulation

An adjustable bed can also help improve circulation throughout your entire body greatly. This is especially important if you’re somebody that is already struggling with your circulatory health.

By customizing your mattress positioning to fit your preferred sleeping positions perfectly, you can help reduce pressure from accumulating in specific parts of your body. It’ll also make it easier for blood to flow to your heart and throughout the rest of your body consistently.

It’s especially important to have circulation issues in a specific part of your body if you’re somebody who has circulation issues. You can adjust the mattress to a position to whatever part of your body at that needs an enhanced level of oxygen and blood flow.

9. Reduce Arthritis Pain

Are you one of the 54 million people that struggle with chronic arthritis or osteoarthritis?

If you are, an adjustable mattress just may be one of the best investments that you’ve ever made to help manage your condition. Waking up every morning with aching joints may partially be the fault of the mattress you currently have.

By investing in an adjustable mattress, you can position the mattress so that weight is taking off your body’s areas that you experience the most pain in. This will greatly reduce the amount of morning stiffness you feel when you’re first waking up.

Choosing the Right Type of Adjustable Bed

With a better understanding of the benefits that an adjustable mattress has to offer to you, you may be wondering how to go about choosing every right type of adjustable bed. Besides choosing the right size, you also have to consider the different controls and warranties that different brands offer.

That’s why we’re here to break down how to choose the best adjustable bed for your needs.

Consider Important Features

When you’re thinking about purchasing an adjustable bed, you should be aware of the different options you’ll be able to choose from. It would help if you also understood the most common types of features you’ll find on most adjustable beds. Don’t forget- you’re not just shopping around for a traditional mattress, so you’ll need to focus on more than just how the bed feels.

Learning about the different features you’ll find will help you understand what type of mattress will be the best type to invest in.

Motor Durability

As you’re shopping around for an adjustable bed, the motor’s durability should be one of the top things you consider.

One of the easiest ways to identify the mattress motor’s durability is to learn how long the manufacturer’s warranty will cover any problems or defects. If the manufacturer offers a long warranty on the motor, it’s a good sign that the motor will last a long time.

You’ll also need to take a look to see if the motor is DC or AC. AC, or alternating current for short, is the most commonly found type of electricity in homes all over the world. However, DC motors are the type of motors that are commonly used inside of vehicles, as they are smaller than AC motors.

This is important because DC motors are smaller, which means that they’re less expensive to build. A DC motor also happens to produce less noise than an AC motor does.

Keep in mind that AC motors will be more expensive and louder than DC motors. However, AC motors are usually more durable than DC motors. You’ll have to choose between these two types of motors.

Evaluate Hand Controls

Before choosing a specific adjustable bed model, don’t forget to look at the hand controls. Depending on what the hand controls look like on a specific model, it may be a deal-breaker for you.

Some adjustable bed controls will be on the bedframe. For other models, you have a remote that you can store on your nightstand, next to the bed.

There will also be wireless remotes and remotes that are wired. In adjustable beds that have wireless remotes, you should be aware that the signal that the remote puts out may interfere with other appliances within your house.

Take a Look at the Warranty

The last step you should take before finalizing your purchase is to look at the warranty offered on the adjustable bed.

Since there are so many different working parts on an adjustable bed, there should be a warranty period for each part. Take a close look at the warranty to get an understanding of the warranty period for each part of the bed. You should make sure that you understand what issues are covered under warranty.

You should also get an understanding of how much the manufacturer of the bed will charge you if you do run into problems with your adjustable mattress.

Transforming Your Quality of Sleep

Whether you’re struggling to manage a certain health condition or you’re shopping for a loved one that struggles with mobility, adjustable beds can transform the quality of sleep that you’re getting each night. The angling of an adjustable bed is an underutilized tool that is useful in helping to manage the side effects of certain conditions.

Are you interested in investing in an adjustable mattress? We’re here to make your shopping experience easier. Click here to contact us today with any questions you have!

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